The Art of Emotional Connection is my signature technique. It is a program that creates a nurturing environment for you to cultivate a healthy curiosity about your emotional life. This system will empower you to transform your raw emotions into the fuel that will feed your deepest desires & dreams.

THIS IS AWESOME: Who’s Listening?

A Podcast Hosted by Diane Divone and Josh Liebling


These are conversations in the moment. They are not about facts, they are about discovery through free flowing words being spoken and received by the thoughtful presence of each person and you the listener.

Each episode leads us down unexpected roads that appear from our commitment to staying present in the moment and with each other.

We find that when we slow down and share life experiences through our collective focus and our desire to understand, we can then expand into uncharted territory.

By speaking and listening without judgment or criticism, and bringing our vast curiosity for all ideas on thoughts and feelings, we find ourselves becoming clearer and more engaged with deep emotions, and the idea of what it is to be a human being.


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Episode 5: The Body-Mind Bridge

Episode 6: The Collection of Intuitive Information

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Diane Divone

About Diane

Diane has extensively studied many different forms of alternative healing modalities that they have become embedded into who she is rather than what she does. Her focus and passion is to live her life holistically giving her the opportunities to learn something new each day. Her personal desire and mission is to awaken consciousness in herself and to support others to live a passion-filled life by learning to connect to their emotional bodies.  Read more… 



I am in appreciation for Diane’s insatiable desire for learning all things of the body, her gifted presence and the generosity she offers as she lives her life in transparency.  I have gained a real sense of myself through the Group Dynamic.  I learned everything from ” What does one put in a pocketbook?;  to ultimately realizing the dream of a rural Colorado lifestyle.”  I am living in my body, taking care of myself, feeling into what’s happening now.   I continue to  “Dance my Prayers” and  ask myself, “What do I need?”

~Peg M.,Colorado

Be Gentle With Yourself...

Diane has a saying…”Be gentle, Be gentle with yourself.” Before I started seeing her I didn’t know what that meant. Loving support starts with me. I am empowered by my ability to take care of myself. I’ve learned to soothe myself through challenging times. ‘

~John S., Baldwin, NY

Getting to the Heart of the Issue...

I want to Thank you for your kindness, compassion, understanding, witnessing (all emotionally expressive words that you taught me) and most of all your love. Your ability to understand and get to the heart of the issue that is being presented has truly been a blessing in my life.

~John R., Delray Beach, FL


I always walk away from our sessions feeling better with a clear direction.

~Alison R., Nassau County, NY


Diane, you are awesome! What don’t you know about Alternative Healing!

~Bill K., Suffolk County, NY

Connecting to Self...

Diane lives her life in transparency. Because she has modeled this for me I have been able to connect to those vulnerable parts of myself.

~Kelly R., Manhattan, NY

My Muse...

Diane has been my mentor, my muse, my touchstone!

~Lisa C., Bellmore, NY