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Hear and feel the rythms moving your body and soul.

Dancing is a Conversation Between Body and Soul

Dance Your Prayers 

is an ecstatic dance practice, a workout for the body and soul.
I see it as a Spiritual Celebration,
Our Ancestors Danced —
It is time that we joined together in the Celebration of Life!

It is a wonderful form of exercise and a way to socialize. However, it was born out of my love of DANCE and Movement.

These gatherings are my way of encouraging you to move deeper into the parts of yourself that may want to stay hidden. These parts may show up in judgment of self or others: by feeling silly, embarrassed, elated, scared, shame, or just maybe — FUN!

When the music begins, you may want to start dancing in a “typical style” or movement. This is where the “FUN” begins! These transformative gathering are not about your “typical movements” but about new steps created in the moment of your own interpretation of the rhythms and beats that you are hearing. My music is eclectic which creates different forms of movement from quiet to chaotic.

These Dance Parties/Gatherings are not organized or structured dance movements. Just as you do not direct your heart to beat or tell your kidneys, liver or digestive systems to function–you do not tell yourself how to move. Well, until you learn to observe that you are creating a style of movement, you will continue to “tell” or direct yourself in movement. This is where the focus, desire and curiosity of movements are born. These types of movements are not learned but are created out of the moment. This takes time and desire to let yourself go and let the “SELF” emerge.

Dance Your Prayers is a way to recognize your patterns of movements, thoughts, desires, fears, etc. I encourage you to come and join in this exhilarating form of self-discovery, fun and trance. Embracing your new moves will enable you to take these expanded movements into your everyday Dance in Life.

Come and join others that love freestyle movement and dance. It is a relaxed, smoke and alcohol free environment where you can creatively express yourself through movement.

You can dance solo, with a partner, or in groups.
2466 N. Jerusalem Rd.
Bellmore, NY 11710.

Dates to be announced