What is Full Circle?

Full Circle was conceived 22 years ago as a Sanctuary for Inner Growth. The concept of Full Circle Wellness Center was birthed from a number of physical deaths in my family.  It is my belief that there is unity in all things and from this belief, I see all things as a circle with no beginning or end: Birth/Death; Contract/Expand; Dark/Light, etc.

Full Circle is a center that offers a safe haven to explore this Circle within you. We offer private, group and couples therapy sessions.

Call Diane Divone (516)-398-3742

This space is also available to rent.

The Center is located at 2466 N. Jerusalem Rd. Bellmore, NY 11710.

It’s 4 miles from the Bellmore LIRR and 1 mile from the Southern State Pkwy. There are beautiful hardwood floors and it’s a spacious and comfortable 20’X22’ room with large mirrors on one wall. It has a small bathroom with a toilet and sink.

It’s ideal for individual work or small groups up to 25 people.

Call Diane for rental rates.