Bonus Interview Questions

These are bonus questions that were from the original interview with Women of Distinction Magazine.

Specific Questions:

Q- How did you get started in your career? In what year?

A- I have been involved with the Holistic Healing Arts since early 1970 when I was in my mid- 20’s. I was raped by a medical doctor at the age of 20, which went unreported. However, this horrific and traumatic event shaped my entire life on many levels. One of the results of this incident was that it instilled a fear of medical doctors inside of me. Ultimately, this led me down the path to learning alternative forms of healing. This incident opened up my world and helped me to start studying herbs, flower remedies, homeopathy, plant medicine. In the late 1960’s unlike today with internet and knowledge available at our fingertips I had to learn through books, travel and basically teaching myself most of what I know. One defining therapy was called Primal psychotherapy and emotional release therapy. This therapy helped me connect to the underlying anger, shame, and fear that I repressed after the rape while also helping me reconnect to my body in an empowered way.

It wasn’t until my mother became terminally ill in the early 1990’s that I decided to follow my dreams of creating a wellness center. I knew I needed the comfort and support of other women. At that time in my life, it seemed logical to say goodbye to what was known and create a new path for myself.  In October 1993, two months before my mother’s passing I created and opened FCWC.

Q-What has kept you in your career for so long?

A- I love being of service to others because I find that different approaches to life and living are stimulating. It is an exciting and rewarding way to live my life. I am honored by my clients allowing me to be in communion and collaboration with their dreams, desires, hardships and overall life experiences. I relate to a what I do as a vocation rather than “this is being my career.”

When I was a young adult growing up in the 1960’s we were called Hippies. It was a radical, adventurous and expanded time in my life. From 1967 until 1987 I worked for American Airlines. The job exposed me to a broader perspective about life, people, and other cultures. Those years informed and encouraged me to unlock parts of myself that were repressed and hidden behind fear. I am fascinated by the interplay of my body and mind connection. I study and observe how our body connection communicates our emotions and feelings. These emotions then translate into what we think, how we act which then informs our beliefs. This then translates into how we show up in our world.

Q-What is your role with the company? What specific tasks do you do that helps the organization function at its highest capacity?

A- I am a solopreneur. I love working for myself because it affords me the opportunity to continually create and expand at my own pace.  I am a lifelong learner and consider myself to be a student of the world. I learn everything through listening and observing, first myself and then through my clients and others around me.  I believe that we are all teachers to each other.

I have mastered the art of listening. It takes time and space to listen, observe and not react or become reactive to what is being presented. This is a huge gift to my clients, family and friends as well. This trait helps people and especially my women clients understand and hopefully, in time embody how important it is for them to share their feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

I have taught myself to remain quiet and actually go into a meditation while listening and watching subtle body expressions. This technique helps us to collaborate on their thoughts and feelings so together we can find the deeper meaning inside what they are expressing. I believe that each person knows what they need and want. Most of us and especially women have been trained out of saying and advocating for their desires, dreams and ideas.

Q- Who or what has been your greatest professional inspiration?

A- My maternal grandfather, Pasquale, has been my inspiration. He landed on Ellis Island from Italy in the early 1900’s. At the age of 16 he left his father, brother and other family members and ventured alone to find a better life. He had an uncle living in Brooklyn, NY who welcomed him to the United States. His uncle was a barber who taught my grandfather the trade. He would say he thought he went to school but he wasn’t sure of the grade. However, nothing seemed to stop him. He spoke limited English, he taught himself to read and wrote minimally in English. With what could be perceived as ”nothing” he created a thriving barbershop in Queens, NY,  where he also purchased two homes.  I grew up living above the “always busy barber shop.” His “customers” were his passion where he always greeted them with a smile, opera playing on his transistor radio and a glass of red wine. He died at the age of 94 and was still cutting “the old men’s hair” -as he would call his customers.  He will forever be in my heart as a passionate independent man who was willing to follow his dreams.  He lived what today could be termed “a simple life.” However, for me, it is one of my life experiences that led me down this explorative road to a simpler more connected life.

Q- What advice would you offer to someone starting out in your industry?

A- I see these Alternative Healing Arts as a hot subject in the 21st century. For me, this is an extremely exciting and awakened time. There is so much out there to discover and learn. Feel into your passion. Learn what makes you happy and then follow your heart. As you settle into your truth you will be a stable and knowledgeable guide in assisting others on their path of discovery.

Q- What professional challenges have you faced that have contributed to your overall success?

A- Life presents us with challenges and I have come to understand that it’s how we manage, resist or accept the challenges that are placed before us. I have a saying “Life is Messy” and then I like to add “it’s what I do with the mess that expands and creates my next moments.” We are always in choice and it is through conscious connection and slowing down to observe what is presented that will then inform my choices.

I enjoy challenging and stretching myself to be, at times, in the “uncomfortable zones.” The growth that comes along with those types of adventures is priceless both personally and professionally. I like to say that “nothing happens by chance.” I believe that all things come to me because there are greater powers at work to help me know and be connected to the  bigger picture of my existence. This might sound esoteric, however, a simpler term I have learned to welcome the unknown.

I coach people to understand and embody taking responsibility for their life choices. The challenge is to learn to do this without blame. My techniques, which incorporate words, movement, sound healing, meditation and conscious dialoguing are methods that uncover the deeper truths of what wants to be revealed. These are gentle processes that consciously connect each client to their possible feelings of shame, blame and the fear and guilt that goes along with those feelings. I teach my clients how to embrace being responsible for all of their emotions and feeling with an emphasis on self- LOVE and compassion.

Q- What is the biggest lesson you have learned that you feel is good advice for others?

A-I must live MY life or I will die. Not literally but each time I give myself up to something that someone else might want instead of honoring and following myself I die a small death. I saw a quote on FB “Don’t worry about dying, worry about not living”. I don’t advocate worry. I like to say I notice and become curious about what is keeping me from following my dreams. My motto is: “This is my life” how do I want to live it!”

Q-Please briefly include work history with job titles, organization names or any other career history background information you think may be helpful.

A-1962-1965  In 1962 I was expelled from a Catholic High School after the nuns told my parents I was a girl of a thousand faces and they couldn’t control me (Thank goodness!) My parents placed me in a vocational high school where I became a beautician now called a cosmetologist or hairdresser. This was my opening into learning about skin and hair. I worked at that for about 3 months when I was fired from a prestigious salon in Manhattan for not properly catering to the clientele. Side note: The facial expressions morphed into me utilizing and teaching my clients expressions and exercises to attain a more youthful appearance.

1965-Present- Licensed Cosmetologist

1965-1967 I worked at Seaboard Finance Company as a bookkeeper. My interview consisted of me saying I understood bookkeeping. This was my opening into a later career. (Read on)

1967-1987 – American Airlines. First in their accounting departments and then later as a Ticket Agent at JFK Airport. I was promoted to Ticket Counter Supervisor, Passenger Service Manager (my job was to meet and greet people of distinction).

1973-1981-Immersed myself in primal/somatic self-discovery therapy. I attended groups and individual therapy to delve into and uncover my hidden emotions, which is now the foundation of my life’s work.

1983-84- I became a bartender and worked for a friend at underground lesbian social clubs in Manhattan (honing my people and therapy skills)

1985-Present,  I become a Real Estate agent (going back to the accounting/bookkeeping year), then became a Real Estate Broker. I did this to learn to purchase, renovate and sell my own investment properties thus becoming a RE Investor.

1985-1997- I co-owned Money Tree Services, a Mortgage Brokerage Company,  with my then personal and business partner.  During those years while continually working and earning a living, I was also studying, traveling and exploring different forms of Natural, Native, Indigenous Healing Modalities. I was gathering a wealth of knowledge that could not be obtained through my “day jobs” or something that I thought I couldn’t earn a living doing. Those years were strictly and lovingly “honing and realizing my passion!”

1993-Present-Full Circle Wellness Center, LLC, I facilitate 3 groups a month and have a private practice.

2009-Present-Co-Founder of Dance Your Prayers, LLC, a transformational movement experience based on improvisational dance and freestyle movement.

Q-Are there any specific contributions, you have made in your field, which contributed to your success?

A-I write a blog called Thoughts about Feelings that can be accessed through my website. dianedivone.com

Q-Are you involved in any organizations, societies or local community events that support your industry.

A-I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I lead/facilitate monthly Women’s and Men’s and Women’s Emotional Connection groups. I co-lead monthly Reiki Healing Circles.

Q-What do you do in your free time?

A-I am co-owner and co-founder of a company called Dance Your Prayers, LLC. Together with my business partner, Peg, (who lives in Colorado) we travel around the world leading improvisational movement retreats. In 2014, we explored and danced our way around Iceland. We know and have seen how unstructured movement can create greater flexibility in body, mind, and spirit. Our excursions are fun, relaxing, reflective retreats for the soul. We offer exotic locations, incredible food, shopping, spa treatments and the possibility of meeting new friends through travel.

I also have a beautiful mountain top home in the southwestern part of Colorado. I recently started facilitating women’s groups there as well as co-facilitating Dance Your Prayers one night events.

I love to hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains or when in NY I enjoy walking at Sunken Meadow State Park. I believe it is one of the most beautiful places on Long Island.

I am also an amateur photographer with some of my photography on Fine Art America. It can be viewed at dianedivone.artistwebsites.com.

Q-What would you like readers to know about you and why?

A-I love teaching and coaching women to find the deep comfort of self and know that we will always be guided towards our highest life purpose. Even if, at times, we may not trust that this will happen. I am passionate about helping others understand that struggles and hardships are an important and vital part of emotional growth. I am determined to bring these teaching to as many people that are interested and desirous of my teachings and coaching techniques. My deepest knowing is that Life is Fun!

Q-What kind of legacy would you like to leave the world?

A-Hmm– this is such an interesting question. A legacy to leave the world. I notice I feel a slight sense of pressure in my chest to think about something that can define me in this moment of time and space. Very hard for me to do when I live into each moment and really don’t have an expectation of what the future holds. So with that being said my deepest dream is for all Women to know how incredible, vulnerable, safe and powerful we all are. Standing together collectively to create a united, stable and loving environment one moment at a time. I have a mission, desire and life purpose to help Women learn to understand that they can take charge of their lives to live healthy, happy and prosperous using the principles of my teachings.

Q-List your degrees and or certificates.

A- 1965-Graduated from Maxwell Vocational High School Licensed NY State Cosmetologist

1976-Attended one year at LaGuardia Community College

1984-Licensed Real Estate agent

1986-Licensed Real Estate Broker

1987-1996-NY State Mortgage Broker

1990-Certificate of Completion from the Keith Mason School in the United Kingdom on Radionic and Homeopathic Simulation Techniques

1990-1995-Achieved Green Belt in Nido Ichi Shinto Ryu-Japanese form of Martial Arts

1992-Certificate of Completion in Blood Chemistry, Urine, Hair and Mineral Analysis from Westbrook University

1993-Certified in the study of Bach Flower Remedies from Westbrook University

1993-Certificate of Completion Colon Therapist from Westbrook University

1993-1994 Reiki One and Two Practitioner

1994-Certified as a Past Life Hypnotherapist

1994-Certified in Wild Plant Identification, Traditional Medicine Techniques, Medicinal Herbalism and the Sacred Ways of Plants.

1995- Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church

1995-Reiki Master

1996-Studied Medical Qigong with Master Fu (Japanese teacher)

1997-2006 P.E.E.R. Primary Emotional Energy Recovery Facilitator. Completed training for    PEER group supervision began leading men and women’s monthly group

1997-Completed a course with Carolyn Myss and received certificate for the Science of Intuition

1997-Certified in Transformational Breathwork

1998-present- Monthly Women’s Emotional Connection groups

1998-Certificate for Level 1 Shiatsu

1998-Completed an Alternative Medicine course lead by the Institute for Natural Resources

2000-Studied with various teachers Sound Healing Methods

2002-Present-Continuing my experiential practice of dance and how it relates to our emotions.

2007-2009- Studied and practiced a writing technique with Linda Metcalf called Proprioceptive Writing

2012/13- Certificate of Completion Levels 1-5 of Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics courses

Q-Include family history, what they do for a living, where they live, etc.

A-Living and sharing a home with my partner, David, for the past 18 years. He is a self-employed massage therapist.

I have one sister, Barbara, who lives with her husband Patrick n Kentucky. She is a retired Nurse Practitioner and he is a retired Lieutenant from the New York Fire Department. They are now preparing to travel around the country in their newly acquired RV.

I have one niece, Diane, who lives with her husband Glenn in Nashville, Tennessee. They just purchase a home in downtown Nashville.

I have been offering Wellness Coaching services for over 20 years. I am always honored and thrilled to work with people who are willing and desirous of connecting to their deeper selves.  My work caters to those that have already done transformational work and are ready to go to another level of self-discovery.

I invite you to contact me at Diane@dianedivone.com to set up your free 15 Minute Introductory Session.