About Diane

IMG_5748Diane’s approach to Wellness Coaching and Therapy is unconventional and powerful.

She has extensively studied many different forms of alternative healing modalities. With over 25 years of living these practices they have become embedded into who she is rather than what she does.

Diane is a Reiki Master, Herbalist, Interactive Intuitive Therapist. She has studied Dance Therapies, Medical Qi-Gong, Soul Retrieval Therapy, Sound and Color Healing, Breath-work, Colon Therapy, Matrix Energetics, multiple forms of Primal therapies, including PEER (Primary Emotional Energy Recovery), where she was a facilitator in that organization for 6 years.

Her own explorations have brought her to the depths of her emotional soul. She teaches what she has learned through her examination of her life and emotions. She sees this as an ongoing process that continues to develop and expand through self-connection and awareness.

Through her deep love of exploring her emotions and her intense desire to continually understand and connect to her body, mind and spiritual self she has developed a system/technique called The Art of Emotional Connection.

This system focuses on teaching and gently coaching each person to find their own unique emotional rhythm.

Diane’s signature system will give you the tools to notice, become curious and be in wonder about what informs you to make the choices in your life.

Her focus and passion is to help and support each person to live a fuller life through developing a connection to their emotional body.


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Learn to live in the richness of your Emotional Body!

Life is FUN!

Let’s laugh and FEEL into Embodying and Enjoying this Precious Life!